Different Types of Engineering Degrees You Can Get Online


There are plenty of engineering degree options for those who are looking to go to school online. While some of these are available as hybrid programs, plenty of others are available completely online.


One more recent option is a genericĀ engineering program. Although this is still new, it seems to be popular with more schools adding these options. It is trendy for those looking to add a Master’s degree to their experience list. This appeals to professional engineers who are currently employed and looking to take classes to further their education. However, most people with a generic degree tend to be in management since they don’t have a specialty.


As the name implies, these engineers work on mechanical systems. That means they could work in any industry, including aeronautics, manufacturing, nuclear power, nanotechnology, and heating and cooling. Because of the diversity of this specialty, you will end up studying structural analysis, thermodynamics, materials science, and kinematics. Before the generic program, this was the broadest engineering specialty. Many people choose to combine this with an electrical engineering degree or choose a sub-specialty.


This degree involves the study of space and air travel engineering. For example, this degree could land you a job designing and building military aircraft, commercial planes, or satellites. However, it is important to note that this is not the same as an aeronautics engineering degree. This is because aerospace engineers can work on aircraft that leave our atmosphere.


As you know, electronics are an important part of daily life today. After all, you’ve probably already looked at many things on your computer, phone, or tablet today. Electronics engineers design and build these devices that can help everyone, including theĀ Edens engineer Tulsa. This program teaches you how to switchboards, circuits, and other electronic parts.

As you can see, there are plenty of online options for engineering degrees. Some of these are generic while others are highly specialized. If you are interested in going to school online and majoring in engineering, consider one of these options.