5 Things That Are Likely to Happen if You Don’t Clean Your Roof


Spring is a time for new beginnings, and that includes cleaning your home from top to bottom. But have you considered the roof? There are undoubtedly many things that can go wrong when it comes time to clean your home, but the roof is often one of the most neglected areas. Ignoring this area of your home can lead to some pretty serious consequences, such as:

  1. Attracting Pests and Insects

When it comes to pests and insects, the roof is a prime breeding ground. The damp and dark nature of your roof can make it an ideal place for rodents, bugs, and other pests to take up residence. Ignoring the problem won’t make it go away – instead, you’ll end up with an actual infestation that can cause severe damage to your home and health.

  1. Exposure to the Elements

When your roof is dirty, it’s hard for water to drain away. This means it won’t be long before your roof is covered in algae and moss. If left unchecked, an ineffective roof drainage system can take hold and cause real damage to the woodwork.

  1. Loose Tiles

When water pools on your roof, it can cause tiles to loosen. This is a major problem, as it can lead to leaks inside your home and make your roof more susceptible to strong winds.

  1. Hard-to-Spot Damage Problems

The darker colors of dirty roof tiles were popular because they helped the roof blend in with the color of the sky. However, these darker colors are often much harder to see when damaged, meaning problems aren’t spotted in time. Clean tiles are lighter in color, making them much easier to spot when there is a problem.

  1. High Utility Bills

When your roof is dirty, it can cause your air conditioning units and heaters to work harder than they should. This leads to higher energy bills and a less comfortable home. If you’ve been putting off cleaning your roof, then now is the time to fix that. Your Atlanta Roofing Specialists can help you clean and maintain your home’s roof.