Could your garden be deterring potential buyers?


Home buyers often talk about kerb appeal and first impressions, and garden space can be one of the categories that influences the viability of your house sale.

Just as an attractive outside space can add value to your house or garden flat, a neglected area can put off potential buyers.


There are many issues that can affect value. A low-maintenance garden is often an attractive option and can influence the price of a property. Privacy provided by hedges or walls can also improve the prospects of a quick sale.

Buyers are also looking at maximising space, so outbuildings in the garden can offer alternatives for office space or increased storage.


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Properties in the Home Counties often offer garden space, and given the buoyant prices in these areas, purchasers will need an accurate assessment of the property with a survey. Wherever you are looking for a home buyers survey Berkshire, Oxfordshire or Hertfordshire, professional options can be found online at sites such as

From a vendor’s point of view, there is always the prospect that a neglected outdoor space can put off buyers, and addressing any issue is important if you wish to sell your property as quickly as possible.

Invasive plants

A first viewing will involve potential homebuyers checking for any signs of neglect inside the property, such as signs of damp, neglected gutters or the potential costs of redecorating and replacing outdated carpeting. However, potential issues in garden areas are equally likely to influence their decision on whether the property is a viable option for them.

Obvious and expensive issues to address may include invasive plants such as Japanese Knotweed. Although you may not consider this an important matter, mortgage lenders do not share this view and have been known to block loans on properties that have a serious presence. As a vendor, you must disclose the presence of the plant at the pre-contract stage.

If you have significant outdoor space, think of it as another room on the property and imagine what that might add to the market value of your home. Many viewings take place in late afternoon or evening, so adding lighting to your garden can make it more attractive and help it be appreciated as a useful space.

Think of creating value rather than reducing the appeal of your property.