Which Home Upgrades Should I Prioritize?


Whether you live in new construction or a house that’s been around for generations, upgrades are an important part of property ownership. Many owners take on remodeling projects to make their place more livable or sellable. There are many upgrades that are worth your time and treasure, but here are ones you should prioritize according to your needs.

Modernizing Your Place

Older properties often bring a unique sense of charm, local character and history. While it might be nice to live in a place that still retains many of its original fixtures and finishes, you may find that it’s expensive and, in some cases, unsafe, to have a home that is lacking certain modern amenities. Consider a house with old, failing pipes resulting in rusty water from your faucets. You need clean water for drinking, washing and other uses, so hiring a provider of a PEX repipe Los Angeles CA would be strongly recommended.

Adding Value

You might think that an overhaul of a kitchen or master bathroom would be a no-brainer, but the reality is that not all upgrades have a strong return on investment. Your remodeling projects should be of a scale that makes sense. For example, updating the appliances and refinishing the cabinetry and floors may be all you need to do. On the other hand, coming up with an entirely new layout will also require new plumbing and wiring and eliminate reuse. That would make this undertaking significantly more expensive with no additional return.

Realizing the Dream

Your home is your castle and sometimes you want the features that make it a dream come true. If you’re a sports enthusiast, you might be willing to spend thousands of dollars on an elite media room. A picturesque in-ground swimming pool might pay off in hours of quality time with family and friends.

Your motivations for renovating your house will vary from others. It’s important to prioritize projects according to your needs and wants. Some upgrades pay off in market value while others hopefully result in elevated experiences.