7 Home Purchases and Renovations That Make Life More Comfortable

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Home renovations and smart purchases can significantly enhance the comfort of your home and life. Upgrading old elements within and outside of your living space will allow you to feel a new level of comfort. What’s more, some enjoyable upgrades can improve your home’s market value. Here are seven home purchases and renovation ideas that will make your life more comfortable.

1. A Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom remodeling can do more than make your interior living spaces more enjoyable. A few upgrades may come with roughly a 60 percent return on investment or higher. With a simple addition like a jetted tub, you can enjoy some special spa moments and elevate your bath experience. It might take roughly between $1,500–$20,000 to set it all up.

Likewise, heated floors, which may cost from $6–$20 per square foot, are an excellent option for providing comfortable ambient temperature in your bathroom. You could also install extra fixtures like double sinks, which are great for shared bathrooms.

  1. Home Office Amenities

Appropriately equipping and furnishing your home office can create a more comfortable work environment that facilitates productivity. You may start by getting an ergonomic chair with lumbar support for approximately $100. Just be sure the chair is designed with lower back-pain protection in mind.

If you work from home, consider adding space-saving furniture like a convertible computer desk for a few hundred dollars, depending on your preferred style. You could also invest in a monitor stand or arm (for less than $50) to help save on desk space and enhance your posture for efficient work.

  1. Reset Your Bedroom

Upgrading your bedroom to something you want to come home to every night is a no brainer. For less than $100, you can install a dimmable headboard or wall-mount reading light or pendant lamp and introduce a stunning décor aspect to your sleeping area. You can also create a naturally soothing ambiance in your bedroom by placing small vases with flowers or other decorative live plants on your nightstand.

Don’t forget to elevate your sleep environment’s comfort by adding new comforters or pillows, repainting the room, or purchasing a new mattress. A new bed can significantly improve your comfort and quality of sleep. You can click here to learn more about air foam mattresses and see if upgrading your mattress can complete the room’s reset.

  1. Find the Perfect Sectional

It’s okay to splurge several hundred to a thousand dollars or more on contemporary sectionals. These sofa designs are the deal nowadays when you need to better organize your living room space while creating a warm and soft atmosphere.

Of all sectionals, the L-shape design is probably the most versatile as it can neatly go into a corner or in the middle of your room. The bow-shaped option isn’t ideal for corners, though. However, it’s fantastic for plunking down on while placed farther out into your living room.

  1. Create a Book Nook

Creating a book nook is another way to make your home more enjoyable, especially for everyone who loves reading. You don’t need massive library space to do this; you can convert a small bedroom or window corner or even a spare closet into a private, cozy reading nook.

Once you’ve identified your small reading space, get a cozy armchair (for about $150) that can easily fit in a corner. You may also set up wall-mounted bookshelves that cost less than $100 and add a LED floor lamp for less than $50.

6. Smart Home and Stereo Accessories

Smart electronics and systems can make your life a lot more organized at home. Many AI controls or gadgets needed to make a smart home cost between $100–300.

You may have heard about talking robots that can discern your voice and order groceries online. With an AI-controlled stereo system, you can even customize your home entertainment, including playlists.

Do you sometimes receive high energy bills? You may save on energy costs by installing a smart thermostat to control your HVAC system.

  1. Create an Outdoor Living Space

You can make your outdoor spaces more fun by adding some landscaping features. An in-ground swimming pool would be great for you, your family, and guests, and you can install one for about $50,000. Consider building a deck to relax and soak up the sun or even grill to make the most of warmer months. It costs about $15,000 on average to put up a wooden deck.

Spruce Up Your Home for Extra Comfort

The right home upgrades can dramatically elevate the comfort of your outdoor and interior living spaces. New fixtures and amenities can also provide additional function and value. Many of the enhancements for maximizing a home’s comfort are readily affordable.