5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Garage Door

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Are you building a garage? Maybe you are having one built for you. Either way, you will have to decide on a garage door at some point. Here are five factors you should consider when it comes time for you to pick your garage door.

  1. Pricing

The pricing of garage doors is definitely a factor most people need to consider. Cost varies depending on type, material, size and various other factors. For example, steel is generally the cheapest garage door material. It is also important to get an installation cost estimate as the cost of the door itself is not the only thing thing that needs to be factored into the budget.

  1. Type

Type is another consideration when choosing garage doors. There are six common types of garage doors: They are sectional, roll-up, tilt-up canopy, side-hinged, side-to-side and tilt-up retractable. Each garage door type possesses its own advantages and disadvantages. Cost is also affected by the type of door you choose, as some types are cheaper than others.

  1. Material

Material also needs to be considered when you are deciding on a garage door. The material used impacts many other factors, including but not limited to cost, sturdiness, lifespan and durability. Glass, steel, aluminum, wood, wood-composite, vinyl and fiberglass are all materials used for the manufacture of garage doors. As mentioned earlier, steel is the cheapest material for garage doors, with steel garage doors sometimes being referred to as “cheap garage doors”. Steel is also the most popular. Wood and glass, while beautiful, are on the pricier side. Wood also requires a great deal of maintenance to remain aesthetically pleasing. Wood composite gives the appearance of wood for a lower price while also having the benefit of plastic’s sturdiness. Fiberglass is a material used for its energy saving properties and durability, though it does have the weakness of developing cracks when exposed to cold weather conditions.

  1. Security

Security is something else you should think about when you are in the process of finding a garage door. You don’t want strangers being able to walk in and take whatever they want or having access to the rest of the house through the garage. Getting a garage door with an opener that requires a changing security passcode may be one option to prevent this; it also prevents the code from being seen and stolen since it is constantly changing. Installing a camera is another security measure you can take. Installing a motion sensor to ensure the door does not accidentally close on an unsuspecting child or animal is also a good safety measure.

  1. Convenience

Finally, you want to consider how much convenience is offered by the garage door option you choose. In general, convenience can be obtained with most types of garage doors through the addition of items like wireless keypads or smart phone kits to the garage door opener.

There are more considerations than the five listed here. However, pricing, type, material, security and convenience are all important to carefully ponder when you are choosing a garage door to avoid making a decision you regret. So take your time to do research and consult an expert.