Why Install an Elevator in Your Home

Home Renovation

You may think of elevators as luxuries that are found in few homes due to their expense. However, more than just mega mansions are having elevators installed. Look at these reasons people are having elevators installed into their homes or building homes with elevators, and you may start searching for home elevator installation Fort Worth TX.


You may struggle with mobility or you just need an easier way to get those Christmas decorations from your basement storage area. Injuries and medical conditions may make climbing stairs difficult and even dangerous. In addition, some stairways are not conducive to installing motorized chairs. In addition, carrying heavy things from one floor to another is hard on your body. Therefore, if you are getting new furniture on your second floor or bringing things out of basement or attic storage, an elevator can be a valuable tool.  

Space Saving

Elevators take up much less space than stairwells. They are great options if you have a small floor plan. They can also be installed without taking up a large amount of room even if you aren’t placing them in stairwells. For example, they can be installed in a large closet or even outside your house and opening to the interior. Because they need minimal space, they can be easily hidden, but many also be used to enhance your interior design style.

Age at Home

Most people do not want to move out of their homes as they age, but many homes are not designed for aging individuals. If you want to be able to age at home without converting a first-floor room to a bedroom, an elevator may be a great option.

Property Value Increases

Did you know that an elevator can add value to your home? Elevators are special features that add $25,000 to $35,000 to your home. In addition, your building and moving costs may be less and you may be eligible for tax benefits.

Home elevators may seem extravagant, but they have definite benefits for homeowners. Consider consulting with an elevator installer for a more comprehensive list of benefits.