Signs You May Need House Leveling Services

Home Renovation

As time passes, foundations can develop issues. From improper construction and erosion to invasive tree roots, several things may cause foundation trouble. Along with repairing the foundation, it is essential to address the source of the problem to ensure further damage does not occur.

Getting to know the signs you need to invest in house leveling Killeen TX, can help ensure no serious issues arise. Keep reading to find out what these signs are.

Visible Cracks in the Walls

Cracks in the walls inside the home are obvious signs of potentially serious foundation damage. For a brick house, you may also notice cracks on the exterior. Try to look for small cracks in the mortar, between the bricks.

Basement Walls That Bow

A shifting foundation may push the basement walls inward and create a bowed look. If you notice your basement walls appear bent or bowed, you should schedule a foundation inspection.

Sticking Windows and Doors

When the home’s foundation shifts or moves, it keeps the doors and windows from aligning properly. This can make the windows and doors stick, which makes it hard to open or close them.

Sloping Floors

Are the floors in your home sloping or uneven? Are they bowing or sagging? If so, it is a tell-tale sign you should invest in house leveling services.

Gaps Between the Ceilings and Walls

When your home’s foundation shifts, it can create gaps between the ceiling and crown molding. Also, look for these gaps between the caulking used for your windows and doors.

If you have noticed any of these signs, you must have your foundation inspected by professionals. They can determine what issues you are dealing with and ensure the proper repairs are made. Addressing the problem sooner than later is essential to ensure it does not get worse.