Are You Planning To Install Metal Roofing? A Few Common Worries You May Have  

Home Renovation

If you are planning to replace your present roof with metal roofing that is more durable, and also low-maintenance substitute to asphalt shingles, then you must start planning well ahead of time. You need to learn the various steps that your contractor must be taking for the preparation of your metal roofing installation.

Selecting the right contractor for metal roofing in Edmonton is also very important. If you are replacing your roof for the first time then you must prefer to choose an experienced contractor like AMT Metal Roofing.

A few of the common worries that may occur in your mind are:

  • How should I prepare my property so that metal roof installation can progress smoothly?
  • Whether someone must always be present in the home/building during the installation?
  • How can I keep my pets and children during the installation?
  • How should I tell my neighbors to bear the loud noises?
  • Where the contractors will put their equipment, vehicles, and disposal units?
  • Who will be working on my premises?
  • How long the whole installation work take?

Preparation before installation

Before you start your installation process, first you have to find a suitable roofing contractor as already mentioned before. You also need to consult with them and during these consultations, you can expect the following.

While doing the site inspection try to look at:

  • Flashing zones
  • Penetration points
  • Low spots
  • Gutters
  • Differing roof planes
  • Roof access
  • Potential problem areas
  • Surrounding landscape
  • The entire perimeters and also “change of plain” e.g. valleys, transitions, sides and backs of your chimneys, etc.
  • Make sure that you communicate your previous issues, as there might be certain residual damages to your roof deck or the structure.

You need to take proper measurements to determine the exact roof size. While sitting down with your contractor you must give your options for:

  • Metal material choices
  • Panel choices
  • Accessories
  • Colors and finishes
  • Profile
  • Add-ons e.g. skylights, solar panels, daylighting, snow retention systems.
  • Maintenance – suitable preventative maintenance must be suggested to obtain the maximum out of your making investment
  • Warranties and whether it needs any additional cost

You also need to discuss how the payments are to be handled like payment by cash or credit card or to be covered by any insurance provider.

You also need to discuss if there are any questions that you have to ask your contractor. In case you are going through any bid/quote with the contractor who has perhaps drawn up depending on the various field measurement, product choices, and site inspections.

  • You must make sure that you look out for any bids that are either too high or too low.
  • Also, discuss how any unforeseen problems, e.g. bad decking or any other items that perhaps may not be found before tearing off the original roof starts, and how all these added costs have to be addressed

In case, each contractor that you discuss with is asking you to run certain credit for financing the project then make sure that you call any lender much in advance to inform them that you are going to meet roofing contractors who are likely to check your credit score.