When To Replace Your Sewer Line

Home Improvement

A sewer line is often not something that needs to be replaced but there are a series of reasons why an old sewer line may experience a failure. When a sewer line does fail, it often leads to a series of plumbing issues for your backyard, your home, and more. Choosing a plumber to assess whether your sewer line needs to be replaced can be important. Here are some of the top problems that can occur that may require a sewer line replacement:

Ongoing And Persistent Clogs

If you’ve noticed that your toilets are quite regularly clogged, this could be signs that the sewer systems that connect to your home needs to be replaced. If your sewer line needs replacement, a camera inspection of the lines can determine whether there is a need for repair or replacement.


If you’ve noticed odors coming up through your toilet or through the sink, this is another sign that the sewer line could be in some form of disrepair. Ongoing odors and problems with odors in your bathroom can point to a serious problem with your sewer line.

Slow Drains

If you’ve noticed that your shower, sinks, and toilets are extremely slow to drain, this can come from an ongoing sewer line issue. If you’ve noticed that the drains are running slowly across your entire home, this could point to signs of greater issues with your pipes that might involve your sewer line.

Swampy Yard

In some extreme cases with a sewer line, you might start to experience flooding outside of your home. If you have noticed an extremely swampy backyard, it could be signs that your sewer line has sprung a leak or requires immediate repair. This is an extreme situation but it is one that requires the immediate assistance of a professional plumber.

Contact us today if you notice any of these topsides or you feel as though your sewer line may require a camera inspection for repair or replacement. We have the right equipment and the expertise to replace sewer lines.

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