What to Expect Once You’ve Contracted With a Custom Home Builder – What Should You Discuss?

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Hiring a custom home builder is a big decision. It may seem like there is no downside. However, there are some things that you should discuss before you commit to them. Other issues will become apparent after signing the contract. Below are some things you should go into serious negotiations with your builder.

What You Will Get from Your Builder in Your Contract

The first thing you need to discuss with your builder is what you will receive as part of the contract to construct your new home. Some builders provide options on materials. This includes an option for a different type of paint or stain, a higher grade of flooring if the carpet is chosen, or even custom moldings and millwork in certain areas.

What the Builder Will Provide

Your builder will most likely provide the main contractor, on-project architects, among other contractors. These professionals will work with you on design issues like handling zoning and waterproofing. In addition to these items, your Naples FL custom home builder should also provide a complete schedule that lists the start date and completion date.

What You Will Need to Provide

Your contract should also outline what you are responsible for providing. Usually, this includes all permits and fees, the demolition of existing structures on the property, utility connections and disconnections, and code variances. It is also essential to determine what costs you will have to pay before agreeing to anything.

Before signing any agreements or contracts on the construction process, it is crucial that parties lay down expectations from the beginning of this new venture. Clear communication ensures everyone knows what they are getting into and can work together towards mutual benefits. When your custom home builder is involved with building your home to some degree, it is their job to ensure that this happens with as little stress for you as possible.