Those Things You Forgot To Do

Home Improvement

Home maintenance is hard. There’s just so much to do, it’s easy for things to slip off your list. It happens to everyone, and it has almost certainly happened to you as well. How are you supposed to remember what you’ve forgotten? Here are a few commonly overlooked home maintenance tasks to get you thinking.


Gutters are a pain to clean, and it is easy to overlook them. They are often out of sight, and when you need them most, you are probably inside, sheltering from a storm. However, if you don’t get your gutters cleaned regularly, you can end up with a whole cascade of problems So look for gutter and window cleaning near me and book an appointment.


Gutters aren’t the only things that get clogged. Your home is full of filters, in your refrigerator’s icemaker, your HVAC unit, and even in your vacuum cleaner. Filters are meant to catch particles in the air or water, and that means the whole point of them is to get clogged. In turn, that means that they must be changed, and regularly.


There’s more to an HVAC system than filters. Any system that runs through your whole home and responds automatically to changes in temperature is bound to be complex. Much like your car, it needs a tune-up from time to time. Unlike your car, the police won’t pull you over to remind you that you need to get it inspected. You must remind yourself.

These probably aren’t the only things that slipped off your to-do list and got forgotten. Ask yourself some questions to try and remember what else you may have forgotten. Where do damage and debris gather out of sight? What items have expiration dates requiring regular replacement? What large systems require regular checkups to stay healthy?