How Much Water Should You Drink While Pregnant?

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When you are pregnant your body is going through a series of changes and it’s likely that you will have to manage a series of dietary changes as well. One of the first things that you may notice shortly after being pregnant is that the amount of water that you drink increases drastically. Keep in mind that as well as supplying your baby with nutrients, you also need to keep them properly hydrated as well. Using a hydration calculator can be a great way to make sure that while you are pregnant, you are increasing your water intake as required. Based on your weight, you can use a hydration calculator to determine the overall level of water you should be trying to consume.

If you find yourself feeling bloated as you are trying to meet your water quota each day, you might want to consider spacing out your consumption. Drinking water quickly while you are pregnant can often make you feel uncomfortably full. Keeping a reusable bottle close and making sure that you can sip on water at intermittent times throughout the day can be a crucial way to keep yourself hydrated.

You’ll also want to monitor your hydration if you are experiencing morning sickness. Vomiting will quickly deplete the amount of water in your system. Having extra water available to flush out the toxins and prevent the excessive symptoms of morning sickness can make sure that you can feel better and supply water to your body and to the baby.

Throughout your third trimester, you’ll especially need to stay hydrated. Dehydration stands as one of the primary causes of preterm labor and starting contractions early.

If you want to ensure that your water is free of harmful contaminants that could affect your child and your own health it’s very important that you consider choosing a whole house filter or reverse osmosis filter to make sure you can stay hydrated with contaminant-free water.

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