Essential Chores to Complete Before the Winter Season

Home Improvement

The brisk winter weather is approaching, and it’s the ideal time to finish home renovations and repairs. Snow and ice can make renovation projects more challenging and time-consuming, and more people rush to hire contractors before the holiday season. Before construction firms’ workloads become overwhelming, you can request services like weather sealing the deck, roof repairs, gutter cleaning, and pressure washing.

Weather Sealing the Deck

Your backyard’s wooden deck is a popular gathering place during the warmer months, but the rain and intense sunshine can alter a deck’s appearance after only a few seasons. Mildew and debris can darken the wood’s color after the initial layer of weather seal has worn away. Before reapplying a new layer of sealant, you should scrub away the mildew with a diluted bleach solution, rinse with water and pat it dry. If you use a pressure washer, use an attachment with a large opening to avoid stripping away the wood.

Roof Repairs

Before your roof becomes overloaded with snow and ice, you can inspect it for damage and determine if repairs are needed. A leaky roof that causes water damage in the middle of the winter is more costly to repair if workers have to work around snow and ice. Contact a contractor that uses multiple building materials like asphalt roof Salisbury NC for professional roofing repairs.

Gutter Cleaning

Another crucial chore to complete before bad weather sets in is gutter cleaning. If gutters are overloaded with debris and leaves, they can crack or break during a heavy winter storm.

Pressure Washing

Mildew, mold and insect nests can damage your home’s exterior. Pressure washing is the simplest way to clean your home and protect it from the approaching cold weather. If you’re unable to complete the job, you can hire a qualified professional.

The ice and snow are on their way, but you still have time to finish the last projects on your to-do list before winter.