4 Ways to Spruce Up Your Old Deck

Home Improvement

Is your deck falling apart and becoming a danger zone full of rotting wood and exposed nails? If so, it may be time to look into replacing some or all of your deck. Upgrading your deck can be overwhelming with all of the new products available to homeowners today, but taking the following things into consideration can help you to know where to start.

Type of Damage

How much of the deck is in need of replacement and what damage is there? If only a few boards are in need of replacement, then it may be best to hire an independent contractor to help you replace and repaint a few boards. Perhaps you are looking at a more structural problem, such as a termite infestation. If termites are the start of your woes, then it might be wise to call in professional Staten Island exterminators to help you assess and treat the problem.

Updating Your Deck Materials

If, in fact, your deck does need a complete overhaul, there are many types of decking material available. From composite engineered wood to traditional materials like cedar or pine, there are pros and cons to each material. Real wood materials are generally the cheapest and most traditional, but require staining and sealing on a frequent basis to stay looking sharp. Composite decking materials are different than traditional wood in that they can withstand much more sun and weather, and don’t need to be stained or sealed to maintain their integrity.

Adding a Screen

Screened-in porches/decks are a great addition to any outdoor space. Keeping the bugs and mosquitos out of your deck is a huge benefit, and is quite simple to do. Home remodeling companies can easily draft up a plan for you to enclose your deck structure.

Fresh, new deck space will add to your home’s value as well as give you more room to enjoy your family. Whether you like to grill out or just read outside, an updated deck is a must-have feature.