3 Small Ways Businesses Can Combat Climate Change

Home Improvement

While the biggest impacts on climate change can only come from government legislation, a lot of people are asking themselves what they themselves can do to help. Whether big or small, your business may also be looking for ways to get proactive.

Start Carpooling

While having fewer cars on the road is better for the environment, encouraging carpooling will also benefit your employees in several ways. It will reduce the wear on personal vehicles and extend their use, reduce costs associated with gas and maintenance and reduce the stress associated with driving (or finding parking). They also may be entitled to benefits associated with carpooling costs.

Follow Through

Everyone knows they should turn off the lights before they leave the room, but they don’t always remember. Lowering the heat after closing the shop may get brushed off. Paper cups create garbage, but everyone takes one because it’s easier than washing a mug.

Little things add up. By encouraging employees to follow through with small habits, you can reduce energy consumption and waste considerably.

If you’re a manufacturer or other company that regularly deals with noxious fumes and chemicals, follow all safety and disposal regulations to the letter. Don’t wait until inspection rolls around to look for replacement industrial air filters Richmond VA and don’t dispose of toxic materials improperly.

Get Efficient

Some firms specialize in evaluating companies’ greenhouse gas emissions. By getting inspected and finding out the size of your carbon footprint, you can build a plan to reduce your impact such as switching up equipment or materials and finding less toxic options.

Taking into consideration the sustainability and impact of your suppliers may help as well. Even if everything you’re buying is as environmentally-friendly as can be, finding a supplier closer to home will reduce carbon emissions associated with shipping.

Stay hopeful. The only way things get better is if people care and you’ve already taken that first step.