3 Great Zen Design Tips for Bathroom Renovations

Home Improvement

Is your bathroom in need of a renovation? It’s smart to use Zen principles to create a comfortable space to transform your daily self-care regimen. Here are three great bathroom design tips to help you create a Zen-like space that’s perfect for private relaxation.

  1. Let in the Light

Bathrooms are typically some of the smallest rooms in the house, which makes good lighting in this space so important. The quickest way to create a Zen-like atmosphere in the room is by increasing the amount of natural, ambient light that comes in. Contact your local expert installers of affordable windows Atlantic County NJ to put in a new window that allows you to maintain your privacy while bathing the space in natural light.

  1. Organize the Space

An organized room promotes feelings of serenity and peace. Plenty of small items are stored in a bathroom, including soaps, lotions, shampoos, towels and all the other items you need for basic hygiene and self-care. An easy way to get all these items off the counter is to install a simple shelf above your bathroom door. Also consider storing items like bath salts and cotton balls in glass containers – it’s much more attractive than leaving them in the original packaging.

  1. Add Plant Life

One of the central principles of a Zen lifestyle is having a positive relationship with nature, and natural elements add a soothing vibe to any interior design strategy. There are plenty of plants that grow well in the unique temperature conditions of a bathroom. Place potted plants like aloe vera, fiddlehead ferns and calathea to provide color and texture to liven up the design. The plants not only look great, but they freshen up the air, too.

Simple upgrades throughout your bathroom can make all the difference in your everyday routine. Follow the steps above to complete a practical and attractive update for your private oasis.