3 Tips for Preparing Your Home for Winter

Heating and Air Conditioning

As the sun sets earlier in the day and temperatures drop below freezing at night, it’s important to prepare your home for winter. Here are three vital steps to take before the seasons change to keep your home functioning through the cold season.

  1. Check Your Heating System

During the coldest times of the year, your furnace may run nearly non-stop. Before you put it through this heavy demand, ensure the system is working properly by having a heating and furnace service Burlington MA completed in the fall. Professionals can go through the system and check for leaks and broken parts that may fail during increased use and repair problems before it gets cold.

  1. Replace Weatherstripping

The doors and windows in your home have weatherstripping seals around their borders. This helps prevent air from leaking in or out through tiny gaps normally found in these areas. Over time the heat and cold can cause the material to crack and wear down, allowing air and water to leak through. Removing the old weatherstripping and replacing it with new strips helps keep the cold air out and the warm air in, keeping your home toasty warm.

  1. Cover Water Pipes

There are two places to be concerned with your water pipes. Lines that are above the ground outside the home are subject to freezing during the cold winter season. If the water inside these pipes freezes, it can expand enough to burst the pipe. Unfortunately, this causes all sorts of problems when the water thaws and begins to gush out the broken pipe. Inside your home, it’s also a good idea to wrap insulation around any hot water pipes. This process helps the hot water stay warm as it travels from the water heater to the user.

Get your home ready for winter by having your heating system serviced, upgrading the weatherstripping on doors and windows and insulating water pipes. These three things help keep your home warm in cold temperatures.