3 Common Problems With Your Air Conditioner

Heating and Air Conditioning

An air conditioner unit can help you withstand several hot summers. However, it is also vulnerable to numerous errors that can affect its operation and damage your home if it escalates. While yearly maintenance can spot and prevent these issues, some can occur anyway. Pay attention to your system and see if you find the symptoms to the following problems.

  1. Refrigerant Leaks 

AC refrigerants are chemical compounds that work with the system to expel warm air and replace it with cool air. Specifically, they are compressed and pressured from a gaseous to a liquid state, then they absorb the heat and send it outside in a constant loop. Wear and tear can damage components and cause leaks, which can also degrade machines further, create inferior performance and harm people and the environment. Contact residential HVAC services Maple Grove MN if you detect a leak.

  1. Dirty Filters 

The AC filter keeps the airflow clean from any allergens, dirt, dust and other pollutants. As such, it will become filthy after prolonged use. Leaving the filter unattended can lead to numerous malfunctions such as warmer air and complete lack of function, not to mention lower indoor air quality. You can easily fix this issue by cleaning or replacing the filter as needed. Check your manufacturer instructions for information. Inspect the filter regularly or pay attention to the alarm if your device has one.

  1. Thermostat Issues

A thermostat plays a crucial role by measuring the current temperature, which guides the actions of the AC system. Any type of thermostat malfunction can cause unstable cycles or even a complete breakdown. Inspect the thermostat and look for multiple issues, from low battery to dirt/dust blockage and a lack of calibration. Even sunlight exposure can send wrong instructions to the system. Most solutions can be simple, from obtaining new batteries to cleaning the device, recalibration and blocking the light.

Most AC problems can have simple solutions as long as they are addressed fast. Stay informed about your unit and ask for help if necessary.