6 Top Reasons Warm Air Escapes Through Your Windows and How to Fix It

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Repair and window replacement of your home can be challenging if you work and live in Canada, where winters are harsh. Before winter, many Canadian homeowners schedule regular maintenance and repairs to help fix energy loss issues experienced through their windows. Professional window replacement Maple experts offer advanced solutions for modern apartments and older homes to improve your indoor climate throughout the winter and summer.

6 Common Reasons You Experience Heat Loss Through Windows

Six possible reasons why cold air from the exterior gets to your house through your single-hung or double-hung windows include:

1. Inadequate Glazing

Poor-quality glazing putty quickly pulls away from the glass of your window, leaving gaps and cracks that cause energy to escape from your indoor space.

2. Damaged Caulk

Window experts apply caulk around windows where the frame and the structure meet. Caulk is an effective defense against winter drafts, but faults in caulking allow air to pass through the tiny spaces around your windows.

3. Window Seal Failure

Sometimes sealants break during shipment or when exposed to extreme cold or heat, causing warm air leaks, but a high-grade frame sealant provides flexibility for your window functions.

4. Inadequate Weather Stripping

Your energy bills can increase by about 40% due to inappropriate weather stripping. Window maintenance Maple Ridge experts can help you change the stripping in your house regularly.

5. Improper Window Installation

Cold air leaks into the interior living space through the gaps of a poorly fitted window. Professional window technicians ensure all windows in your house fit into the opening perfectly.

6. Age or Wear and Tear

Typically, windows in many buildings face the elements. Annual rain, snow, and extreme sun rays can cause parts of your window to pull away or crack. Tear and wear of sealants and caulk lead to draft issues on old windows.

Drafty Windows

A drafty window is not airtight or doesn’t fit well. Sometimes drafts occur because of a broken seal on the structure of your window. As a result of these faults, exterior air can leak into your indoor space, making your house uncomfortable.

How Do You Find Cold Drafts in Your Window?

You can know that your house is drafty if you experience chills when standing near the windows or doors in your home. Currents of cold air blow through the space between your window frames, making your home damp and cold.

Is Draft Repair Necessary?

Yes. Winter in Canada can get extremely cold. Drafts can cause your heating system to overwork, leading to high maintenance fees and energy bills.

Because cold air contains less moisture, exposing your family to drafts can lead to health issues such as coughing or trigger an asthmatic attack.

5 Ways to Fix Drafts: Window Replacement Maple

Although you can do a quick DIY to fix a draft in your window, hiring a professional can bring better results in a few minutes or hours. Here are five ways you can repair drafts in your window:

  1. Add caulk on the crack: Peel paint off the edges and scrape old caulk before filling the gaps with fresh caulk.
  2. Apply expanding foam tape: Insert the tape in the cracks or gaps. The foam expands, sealing the spaces as soon as you remove the tape.
  3. Add weather stripping: You will achieve the best results if you clean the gap and dry the surface.
  4. Use water-resistant seals: Apply high-quality sealant to exterior window joints to create a weather-resistant seal.
  5. Apply insulation film: Choose the window to insulate because you cannot open it until you remove the film.

Window Repair and Replacement in Maple, Ontario

Ontario residents can now rely on a leading Window replacement Maple Ridge company to fix simple and complex casements. We can also install state-of-the-art windows that are functional in the winter and summer. These include:

  • Low-E window film
  • Double-paned windows
  • Triple-pane windows
  • Vinyl replacement windows


You can save money on energy bills by replacing wood or aluminum framed windows with quality vinyl ones. Homeowners can keep their indoor climate warm and comfortable by scheduling regular window and door inspections by a top professional window maintenance Maple company.