How To Build an Amazing Deck


Whether you love to host family barbecues or sit outside and watch the sunset, you want to have a good place to do those things. If you currently only have a dirt patch in your backyard, you aren’t taking full advantage of your space, and you should consider building a deck. Here are some ways to have the deck of your dreams.

Decide How It Will Be Used

Before you can build a deck, you have to know how you want to use it. Are you building it to help people get into a pool? Do you want to have large gatherings? Knowing how you want to use the deck will help you determine how big it should be and what extra features you might want to add to it. For example, if you have a large family that likes to be outside, you could build seating into the deck instead of purchasing outdoor furniture.

Consider the Landscaping

When you’re mapping out where you’re going to place the deck, you need to consider the current landscaping of your yard to know what extra tools and supplies you might need. If you plan to build on an uneven hillside, you’ll need to purchase adjustable pedestal decking supports to ensure your deck is level. If you have grass around where the deck will be built, you’ll likely want to use hand tools to dig the holes for the support beams instead of machinery.

Choose the Materials

Choosing which material to build your deck out of can be challenging. You want something that is affordable but doesn’t require tons of upkeep. One of the most popular choices when it comes to building decks is pressure-treated lumber. The wood is treated to better withstand rot and bugs, but it does require yearly sanding and staining.

However, you could choose PVC decking, which comes with a higher price tag, but requires almost no maintenance. The most you’ll have to worry about with PVC decking material is to remember to hose it off once in a while, so it always looks its best.