Common Features For Your Bathroom

Bath and Showers

When designing your bathroom, you can add some features to give it a stylish look. These include a recessed medicine cabinet, a built-in television, and a low-flow toilet or some bathroom fixtures Apopka. These items will help you save space and money. They will also help you make your bathroom more comfortable.

Built-In Television

A built-in television in your bathroom can be a great feature. While you’re in the shower or bathtub, you can easily watch your favorite shows. This can be a great time to catch up on the latest news or relax. Using a waterproof cover also lets you keep your television away from the elements.

Whether you choose a wall-mounted TV or a ceiling-mounted unit, consider the aesthetics of your bathroom when installing a television. For example, a wall-mounted TV should be mounted low, with an optimal viewing angle. Also, avoid placing the television against opaque shower walls.

Recessed Medicine Cabinet

Recessed medicine cabinets are typically set back into the wall, resulting in a clean, streamlined appearance. This type of cabinet can be more difficult to install than surface mount cabinets, which hang on the wall and stick out several inches. However, surface mount cabinets have the advantage of being more spacious than recessed ones.

Recessed cabinets have built-in outlets and USB ports, which are useful for charging newer tech devices. Some even have interior lighting, making important locating items easier. Some are even equipped with night lights and motion sensors.

Low-Flow Toilets

Low-flow toilets rely on a pressure-assisted system to flush the waste down the drain. This system makes a distinctive “whooshing” sound when the toilet is flushed. However, these toilets may not push waste far enough to prevent clogging, which can lead to plumbing system issues. Low water pressure can also cause a low-flow toilet not to work as designed.

Most advanced low-flow toilets use less water than 1.6 gallons per flush. These toilets can save 20 percent or more of the water used by a conventional toilet. Some models are labeled with the “WaterSense” label after passing rigorous testing by independent labs. To avoid buying a low-flow toilet that does not meet minimum performance standards, look for the “WaterSense” label on its label. The label indicates a toilet meeting the minimum water efficiency standards set by the American National Standards Institute.

Accent Tiles

Accent tiles are a great way to brighten up any room and add an accent to the overall design. They add a unique design element to your bathroom design and can carry the design theme throughout the rest of your house. For example, you can use accent tiles to add a splash of color to your bathroom’s walls or accent the tub surround.

Accent tiles come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs. This allows you to use them in different areas of your bathroom, and they can be paired with other tiles to create a contrasting design. When selecting accent tiles, remember that they can be as simple or intricate as you would like.

Wall-Mounted Heated Towel Racks

A towel rack is a common fixture in a bathroom, and it can hold a single bath towel or multiple washcloths. They can also hold blankets and clothing. The typical towel rack can be mounted to the wall or plugged into a wall outlet.

Wall-mounted heated towel racks are commonly found in bathrooms. These heated racks are designed to hold multiple towels at a time. Whether using a single rack or multiple, they will keep your towels warm for a long time.

Integrated Lighting

Integrated lighting in your bathroom is a very common feature, and it can help you create a more beautiful room. You can choose from various vintage, contemporary, and industrial styles. You can also select a fixture that automatically turns on when you turn on the light. Of course, it would be best if you chose a light fixture that’s simple, balanced, and aesthetically pleasing.

Integrated lighting in your bathroom provides focused illumination, especially over the sink. Traditionally, this kind of lighting is found around the vanity area but can also be found in the shower area.