Common Fixer Upper Pitfalls That Can Turn Your Renovation Into a Nightmare


When you purchase a home that requires a little bit of love, you have the ability to reimagine the space. While a fixer-upper will require some care and construction, if you have strong bones, you can turn this dilapidated property into your dream home. If you want your renovation to produce your dream home and not a nightmarish end, here are a few pitfalls that you’ll want to avoid.


In older properties, it is not uncommon to have less than ideal insulation. The quality of the materials used is likely outdated and needs to be updated. If you want to avoid exorbitant utility expenses, replace your insulation with foam insulation in Pittsburgh PA during the renovation process.


Another area of your property that you will want to assess is the roof. This area of the home can experience a significant impact from nature’s elements and wear and tear. An assessment is important to identify weaknesses and damage, and without this, you may not see signs of damage until it is too late.

High-Quality Materials

For those who are fixing up a home, using high-quality materials will be well worth the investment. While lower-quality materials can save you money now, these materials may have a shorter lifespan, leaving you with an expensive bill to remediate issues down the line.


Another common problem with fixer-upper properties is the potential to overspend. Many problems and vulnerabilities in homes can go undetected until you start opening up walls. Make a list of priorities and stick to your budget to avoid catastrophic financial stress.


While you can fully gut the space when you renovate your property, there is often value in keeping some of the home’s existing character. Whether this is crown molding, original ceiling medallions or transom windows, the original features of the property will add character and charm, leaving you with something truly unique and beautiful.

Renovating a home can produce the dream home you’ve been hoping for; however, if you want to avoid turning it into a nightmare, you need to avoid these common pitfalls.