3 Ways To Liven Up Your Yard


Many neighborhoods hold contests for the best yard of the month. However, you don’t need to wait for a competition to make your whole yard look more attractive. Begin with the ground and then expand from there.

  1. The Grass Is Greener When It’s Alive

Over time, maybe your grass has died away and weeds have taken over. When your yard looks like the crabgrass has won, don’t give up. Start with new grass, preparing a good foundation. First, clear away weeds and add new soil as needed.

If you’ve lost trees to storms, pockets of your yard likely sunk as the remaining roots decayed. After you have healthy soil to start on, plan for the grass. You may want to consider using grass seed Southern California for its low cost and rapid growth. Ask around and determine what will work best in your environment, then get started seeding.

  1. A Garden Can Bring New Life to Your Yard

In addition to the grassy lawn and maybe a mailbox or lamp, you may have extra yard space. Don’t rule out gardening even if you’ve had trouble with delicate houseplants. Begin by settling on a manageable plan. Will you grow flowers or vegetables? If you grow vegetables, will you eat them? After you’ve made an initial decision, the next steps could include visiting a gardening blog, joining a local garden club, or calling a plant-savvy friend.

  1. Lawn Ornaments Go Beyond Flamingos 

Some people enjoy flamingos, while others appreciate gnomes. Let your yard reflect what you like. If you’re an avid birder but don’t have many trees, find a good spot to set up a bird feeder on a post. If you have plenty of large trees and enjoy reading (or napping), a hammock may be a wise investment. See what other people do, then explore what best suits your yard.

When the weather is nice, you’ll want to go outside. Create a natural space you’ll love to spend time in.